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faculty of Health Sciences

1st October 2019 marked the establishment of Faculty Health Sciences (FHS). Paralleled with PICOMS Vice Chancellor’s transformation plan, merging of four departments – Department of Medical Science and Technology, Department of Safety, Health and Environmental, Department of Therapeutic Science and Rehabilitation and Department of Medical & Health Science put a strong emphasis on quality education. 

The curriculum is towards the total development of students. We strive to prepare graduates to be competent, autonomous and yet able to contribute to teamwork. FHS offers a dynamic accredited Health Science programmes to meet the needs of Malaysia’s and global health sector. 

Department of Therapeutic and Rehabilitation

Department of Medical Science

Department of Safety, Health and Environmental

Career Prospect

Community or Retail Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Industries – Government hospitals Health centers/clinics – Private hospitals – Private practices – Universities and Colleges National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau




Master & PhD